About US

Western Link Traders is a limited company formed for the ultimate business aim of wholesale purchasing and distribution of products like sugar, oils, fruits & vegetables, soft drinks etc.

The role of the company is to buy products from the manufacturers or other direct sources and sell them to the resellers. For example, a case of vegetable oil is bought direct from its manufacturer and sells them to the retail supermarket chains, especially Asian supermarkets concentrated in specific product lines. In between, however we are the key operators also known as distributors, who can help to move the product from manufacturer to the consumer market. Unlike retail distributors who sell directly to the consumers, we are known as merchant wholesalers, as we buy products from the manufacturers or other direct sources and then move them from their warehouses to companies that either want to resell the products to the end users or use them in their own operations.

As a wholesale purchasing & distribution company, our ultimate set of products includes sugar, cooking oils, soft drinks, fruit & vegetables, Asian spices and some catering products. We sell their products to the chain of supermarkets who buys bulk from us, but we provide distribution to their chain of outlets in different places according to their requirement without any transportation pressures or headaches for the buyers. Generally, such operations will be run from one or more warehouses where inventory goods are received and later shipped to the buyers according to their convenience. We use the warehouses of the manufacturers where we pay & reserve, book in advance or in credit terms. We will also make use of the warehouses of the companies or chain of supermarkets whom we supply in large volumes to store the good and later sending it to other branches.

We will earn a specific percentage of profit margin depending on the availability, cost involved, demand for the product. We also earn profits through a fixed commission based on a genuine contract where right prices, terms & conditions are agreed by the companies. As a wholesale distribution company, we will be buying to sell at a profit, similar to a retailer world. But the only difference is that we work ina business-to-business strategy by selling to retail companies and other wholesale firms like our own, and not to the buying public. However, western link traders will buy from "the source" and then sells to a reseller. For example, we may buy a pallet of sugar (1kgx15x80) from its manufacturer or other sources like Costco, Bestway, East End, Barton & Redman, Giro and then later sell to the retail chain of supermarkets at a very competitive price.